Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Law of the Game 2.0

There's still some cleaning up to do, but by and large, Law of the Game Phase 2.0 has begun. And that means you should be visiting www.lawofthegame.com rather than here. Yes, Law of the Game has been relatively quiet as of late, and while I've been busy speaking (rather than blogging), this new era of the blog aims to fix that. But what does that mean? A few things:
1. I, Mark, will be moving into more of an Editor-in-Chief role and less of an author role.
2. Law of the Game will have a small staff of writers putting together new content. This is something the Wordpress platform handles much better than Blogger does, and so that was a driving reason behind the move.
3. Law of the Game will be a lot more active as a result of points 1 and 2 above.

 In the mean time, I will continue cleaning up some of the tag issues that arose from moving from Blogger to Wordpress, while also adding some new areas to the site. You should already be able to see the new branding and new look. With a little more time and effort, everything will be up and at 100% efficiency.

This also means something else to my readers who may be lawyers or law students looking for some exposure. I'm currently seeing a handful of writers to be official Law of the Game contributors. Some of those slots are filled, but others remain open. If you are interested, please e-mail me at mark at lawofthegame dot com. Be sure to include a bio and a writing sample. Again, this is only open to law students or licensed attorneys, and content (for now) will be limited to English language (although covering non-US jurisdictions is acceptable).

 I would be remiss not to thank Zack Bastian, the original Law of the Game contributor, for his work over the past few years. It was actually his contributions that made me decide to move Law of the Game in this direction. As for this Blogger site, I will continue to update it with as much content as I can keep up with, but it will by and large be the same as the content on LawoftheGame.com. Our first contributor posts should be coming in the next few days, so stay tuned!