Monday, April 9, 2007

A Taste of What's To Come

I am honestly quite impressed with the number of responses on the previous post. It's amazing what a link from Joystiq can do.

As I stated in the first post, I promise there should be one substantive legal post per week at a minimum, depending upon what my work schedule allows and what issues may also arise in the gaming media.

I don't have this week's main post quite ready yet, but I thought I would put up a list of the few of the topics I plan to cover in the not too distant future. If you have a request for a topic, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail at

Upcoming Topics:
-MMORPG Intellectual Property
-Professional Gaming Leagues
-New Server Business Models
-MMORPG Income and Taxation
-Mergers and Acquisitions for Game Developers

This is just a sampling of the topics I have in mind, and some may span multiple articles. I look forward to your continuing commentary and discussion as the articles are posted.


Zach said...

Oooh. As one of those people who ALMOST went to law school and took just enough undergrad law courses (IP and media law for an RTVF degree) to say things far stupider than the truly law-ignorant ever could, I am eagerly awaiting most of the stuff on that list, particularly the MMO items since some friends of mine were caught up in an utterly bizarre situation recently.

Kaziel said...

I too am looking forward to most of the MMO related content, being that I am a long time player of MMOs. Specifically anything directly related to Real Money Trading would definitely pique my interest (being that this has been a major plague upon one of my favorite games, Final Fantays XI). Thanks for posting these.