Thursday, March 27, 2008

Law of the Game on Joystiq: End User License Aggrivation

This week's Law of the Game on Joystiq deals with End User License Agreements.

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Toby said...

The music industry has faced the same issue with CDs. If I buy the CD and want to put it on my MP3 player, I shouldn't have to buy it again. But on the other side, what's to stop me from putting it on my and my friend's MP3 player? Or putting it on my computer and giving the CD to someone else?

This is why I like living in Sweden. Here it is legal to make a copy for personal use, regardless of format (IE If I buy a CD I can make an MP3 copy of it perfectly legal).
This is why downloading music was legal here until (IIRC) april 2004, because it fell under "making a personal copy" (as it was asumed you owned an original copy). Even though you can't legaly download from the internet any more, you can just use a CD ripper and copy the stuff you buy to your MP3 player.