Monday, May 12, 2008

A Thompson - Methenitis Debate?

Last Friday, I received a call from the one and only Jack Thompson. Apparently, he had read my Open Letter to Glenn Beck, and had taken some offense to some of my statements in the letter. Of course, I intended no personal offense to Jack, and after a fairly lengthy phone call, he suggested that he and I have a public debate sometime in the near future. Having talked to Jack, I think this debate could be really productive as a means to get all sides of the issues out in the open to a larger audience, despite any previous skepticism I may have had.

At this point in time, no time, date, or location has been selected, but rest assured that as soon as details are worked out, they will be published here.


Cameron Sorden said...

While it's not a terrible idea, I would urge caution -- and if you do follow through with it, show up extremely well-prepared.

A phone conversation and a public debate are two entirely different animals, and JT isn't exactly known for fighting fair.

Stephen said...

You don't say why you now think such a debate would be useful.  What about your phone conversation outweighs the solid criticisms from your earlier post?

Unknown said...

I agree with stephen. I would like to know exactly how this might be beneficial. Sure, it would be fun to watch, but I don't think it would change his opinion in any way(not that his opinion matters in the first place). If he was offered an interview not so long ago, he would have absolutely refused. Now, he is getting desperate, and will cling on to anything that will give him few more minutes on the radar. I wouldn't give him the pleasure if I were you.

Nightwng2000 said...

Careful. We all know John Bruce wants some money. After all, even he admits he gets paid a decent sum for public debates. Remember the debate challenge to Della rocca? John Bruce backed out because Jason didn't like the idea of being paid to debate on a college campus that had suffered a college shooting. And, really, that makes respectful sense.

I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted the debate to take place at VA Tech or even NIU.

Remember, if you bring up any concerns such as not wanting to be paid for it, he'll scramble backwards and claim that you are a coward or something silly to cover up his greed and desire to abuse individuals, families, and communities that have suffered tragedies.

I say put it on National TV. ABC or even NBC. Not FOX because we know they are just as unethical and dishonorable as John Bruce.

And I highly recommend going in with a notebook PC and boxes of evidence to counter his typical arguments. There is plenty of evidence out there and it should be used to counter his arguments. Let the people know The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth. It doesn't matter if he doesn't want to accept those facts. It's the audience that doesn't need to be misinformed by his lies and deceit.


FunkyJ said...

@ Nightwng2000

Mark's a lawyer as well... probably loves money as much as Jack ;)

But I agree whole heartedly with the statements of others here, Mark - if you do decide to go toe to toe, make sure you're well prepared.