Sunday, December 14, 2008

Game::Business::Law Conference - January 14-15, 2009

In about a month, the SMU Deadman School of Law and the SMU Guildhall will be putting on a conference here in Dallas, TX, titled Game::Bueinsss::Law. As I've recently been added to the conference's planning committee, I wanted to take an opportunity to bring the event to the attention of my readers and invite you all to register and attend. While I will not personally be speaking at this event, I will be in attendance. A number of good speakers have been lined up for the event, including:
Gamestop's Cheif Marketing Officer, Mike Hogan;
Valve's Director of Business Development / Legal Affairs, Jason Holtman;
The ESA's General Counsel, Ken Doroshow;
Microsoft's General Manager, Platform Services, Microsoft Advertising, JJ Richards;
The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences President, Joseph Olin;
and Richard Garriott, who really needs no introduction.

The conference is a downright bargain compared to many events these days, at a mere $200 for registration for professionals and $75 for students. Provided this year's conference is a success, we already have plans for an exceptional second conference program.

I really hope many of you will take the opportunity to attend. For anyone who does choose to attend, make sure to come by and say hi. I always like hearing from Law of the Game's readers.

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