Monday, February 27, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Kotaku Piece

I was interviewed for a piece on Kotaku today, which you should check out. It's amazing how many regulations are out there related to raffles and sweepstakes that most people don't consider when planning a contest. I'm glad that it seems that everyone involved with this were able to roll things back before anyone got into real trouble.

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Marc Whipple said...

Chance, consideration and prize.

If you have all three of those things, it's gambling. Gambling may be legal in your jurisdiction or it may not. Certain forms of gambling may be legal in your jurisdiction whereas other forms may not. But if you have all of those things you are gambling.

You may also have some affirmative defense, such as that all the proceeds are going to charity, which may be valid in your jurisdiction. But you are still gambling. You only need a defense when you have done something wrong in the first place.