Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Debate Video - Now Available

I'm sure many of you have been waiting for the video of my debate with Jack Thompson from SGC. Well, there's now both an unedited version and a 16 minute edited version available from ScrewAttack.

With that now up, some of my commentary from Late Nite JengaJam may make more sense in context.

It's been interesting to keep track of the comments and see what people take away from the video. It surprises me just how many people are taking unexpected points away from the debate, from stances I didn't think were represented, to contradictions that weren't stated, to issues with the formal debate style and issues with the format of responses (primarily responding to the question versus responding to the other party). I'm particularly confused as to why many people were critical of the fact that I didn't address the Saw game when it's basically impossible to comment on content of a game that isn't released yet. Certainly, it's interesting that the game is being released, but it's impossible to say whether the content there will be as graphic as the movies when the game isn't released yet.

In any event, enjoy the video.

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